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Hand Forged Metal Elegance

Wayne's process of learning about metal crafting is life-long and ongoing, beginning with the basics in 7th grade metal shop class. Throughout adulthood, Wayne has learned the latest advances in computer-aided technology in addition to mastering and continuing to use time-honored and tested metal working methods to create heirloom quality items.

Long Line of Very Satisfied Clients

Wayne S. Jones has been providing exquisite creations to clients from the elite to the common folk who wants nothing more than the most beautiful and functional metal structures and pieces.

A True Vermont Master Welder

Behind that welding mask is someone who goes beyond simple metal welding trade craft and fabrication. Wayne Jones takes his welding skills to a much higher degree than most metal workers in Vermont. His welds are clean, perfect and a beautiful part of the finished piece.

That skill comes from decades of welding experience and a true love for the work. Experience and enthusiasm he brings to each and every metal project. To Wayne, each project is special, and while a simple weld may seem like a trivial thing to most, it's that attention to detail that makes Wayne Jones stand out from the rest. An attention to detail that brings back the day of the independent craftsman, when artisans staked their family reputation on the quality of the workmanship.

And with Wayne Jones, that quality of workmanship shows with each and every weld.

Artistry At Its Finest

Wayne Jones' creations speak for themselves. Year spent perfecting his craft have earned him the respect and admiration from his friends and clients. Sit down with him and you will see that no project is too big or too small.

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